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Palestinian Liberation

The Palestinian people have a right to self-determination and deserve full human rights.

Intersectional Solidarity

There is no place for discrimination in our movement because none of us will be free until all of us are free.

Black-Palestinian Solidarity

Current struggles exist on a spectrum that begins with and must prioritize anti-Black racism.

Middle East Human Rights

The same colonial remnants that impact daily life in Palestine are those which have led to turmoil in places like Syria and Lebanon.

Palestinian Right of Return

Nearly one million Palestinians and their descendants were displaced as a result of the 1948 massacre.

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

BDS has worked successfully for the South African Anti-Apartheid and US Civil Rights movements.

Petition the New Orleans City Council

The City of New Orleans should use the full extent of the law to seek competitive suppliers of goods and services who do not have investments, licenses or operations in Israel.

New Orleans is a social justice city that should no longer support segregation or racism. With your support, we can make New Orleans an Apartheid-Free City.

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