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We host popular education gatherings for anyone with a deep understanding of key issues surrounding Palestinian human rights to both share and receive knowledge from the community.


In order to successfully push our movement forward, we share knowledge that we have learned about canvassing, petitioning, and outreach (to name a few) with new members and partners.


The strength of our organization is in our diversity of skills. Our core members have given lectures in a wide variety of spaces, including universities, churches, and art galleries.


Sometimes we’ve got to switch it up. We host vigils, parties, and film screenings depending on the political climate and needs of the community.

Direct Actions

Resistance is our right. We utilize blockades, pickets, and demonstrations to force those otherwise unwilling to engage in dialogue to confront truth.

Community Meetings

We hold open community meetings once a month for those interested in playing a direct role in Palestinian solidarity work in the Greater New Orleans area.
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